Pumpkin Spiked Latte: For the Most Basic Bourbon Lover
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Pumpkin Spiked Latte: A Halloween Cocktail for Your Most Basic Bourbon Loving Friend

Pumpkin Spiked Latte

Whiskey Raider’s Pumpkin Spiked Latte

The Whiskey Raiders Pumpkin Spiked Latte is hands down the most extra Halloween cocktail a person could make. I needed a trip to the grocery store to get all the ingredients, but if you’re a baker, unlike me, you will probably have everything you need in your kitchen.

This drink is so excessive, it’s not necessarily one you would make for yourself. Although, if you’re hosting a brunch this Halloween weekend, it’s a perfect one to triple the ingredients of and make a pitcher. So turn on Lana Del Rey’s “Season of the Witch” and get mixing.

Whiskey Raiders’ Pumpkin Spiked Latte Ingredients

Whiskey Raiders’ Pumpkin Spiked Latte Steps

Pour about half of the can of the sweetened condensed milk into a large cup, then add a heaping spoonful of the pumpkin pie mix and stir. I used a handheld milk frother to mix the two, but a regular whisk or spoon will work just fine. Next, add 2 oz of Buffalo Trace bourbon, and lastly, fill the cup the rest of the way with the cold brew coffee. Give the concoction a quick stir or shake.

If you are adding ice, put some cubes in your drinking glass and pour the drink over it. Top with whipped cream, sprinkle some pumpkin pie spice and drizzle syrup on top.

I decorated my glass with a Halloween paper straw and pumpkin face stickers to make it super festive. But a word to the wise, only put pumpkin stickers on a glass you are willing to sacrifice, as they will not come off.

Lastly, enjoy your spooky season cocktail quickyly; Christmas is coming faster than we know.

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