Whiskey Expert Mixes All Four Roses Recipes, Tastes Blend
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VIDEO: Whiskey Expert Dives Into Infinity Bottle Featuring All 10 Four Roses Recipes

Our very own whiskey expert and spirits critic, Jay West, tried his hand at a little blending recently.

About eight month ago, Jay mixed 2 ounces of all 10 Four Roses recipes together in one bottle and let it rest. Each bourbon in the blend came from Tier 3 in a Four Roses rickhouse.

Now, it’s time for a taste test. Check out the below video to see what Jay thought about this “Forty Roses Infinity Blend.”

Four Roses’ 10 recipes come from combinations of the two mashbills and five yeast strains it uses.

Four Roses

A chart showing Four Roses’ 10 recipes. Jay West blended all 10 of these together in one bottle. (Image: Four Roses)

Jay West’s Four Roses ‘Forty Roses’ Infinity Bottle Tasting Notes

Nose: Not as powerful as expected. Really complex and muted. Packed, very floral. Lots of lavender, honey, honeydew, papaya, sweet fruits, sweet flowers. Not too spicy or perfumey, not like potpourri, but it’s sweet. There’s custard, caramel, honey. Really decadent and fruity.

Palate: Fudge, caramel, honey and vanilla all day. There are some floral notes on the back palate. It’s actually pretty mild in terms of ABV. Some of that signature Four Roses. Ginger, orange peel, big powerful pepper spice. Rich, viscous, syrupy, no burn on the palate.

Finish: Big sweet oak notes, tannin, baking spices, clove, light cinnamon, candied ginger.

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