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WATCH: Gordon Ramsey Chews Out Hell’s Kitchen Chefs After Botching Bourbon Dishes

“What a shame. Back in line.” Ouch.

On July 19th, 2021, the contestants on Hell’s Kitchen were tasked with a cook for your life challenge using bourbon. It turns out that using bourbon in recipes isn’t as easy as you’d think 0 or as contestants hoped. Ramsay sniffed out their struggle and characteristically ripped two of the chef’s dishes to pieces.

“You can see that’s raw salmon there as well. -and you’re from Alaska, right?” 

“Yes, chef.”

“You know, if there’s one thing I think of Alaska, it’s salmon. step back in line.”

The Cook For Your Life Challenge is an individual elimination challenge in Hell’s Kitchen. The weakest chef from both teams competes for a chance to stay on the show by cooking three dishes to be judged by Ramsay himself. If it sounds a lot like Weakest Link and Survivor taking place in a kitchen, you’d be right.

No easy feat, especially for a chef like Ramsay, who is seemingly impossible to impress. Sadly, these chefs weren’t quite up to the challenge of cooking with bourbon, and after watching the clip, I think we’ll stick to drinking it.

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