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7 Best Budget Bourbon Bottles to Buy in March 2023

If you’re looking to explore bourbon on a budget, knowing which bottles to try out can take a lot of work and tough decision-making with so many offerings available.

To help with that issue, this guide will introduce some of the best budget bourbons, each boasting the signature smooth and sweet notes of America’s Native Spirit.

From rye-heavy options for those who prefer a spicier flavor profile to sweeter selections for those with a taste for gentler drams, there’s bound to be something for everyone on this list, no matter your price range.

Green River Distilling Bourbon

Budget Bourbon

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With several years of experimentation and mediocre results in hyper-aging whiskey behind it, Green River Distillery in Owensboro, Kentucky, has settled into classic distilling and aging practices.

Green River recently released the first bourbon under its own label, and the craftsmanship is noticeable at first taste. Composed of 70% corn, 9% malted barley, and 21% rye, this Kentucky Straight Bourbon has an ABV of 45%.

This bourbon is sweet and well-balanced in taste. Its flavors come together to create a medium mouthfeel on the palate with notes of honey, toffee, barrel char and root beer candy, with a lingering cocoa flavor.

Another fun fact is that Green River Distillery is one of the oldest distilleries in Kentucky (albeit not continuously operating). You can pick up a bottle from Green River’s website, where it retails for $38.

Chattanooga 111

Budget Bourbon

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Chattanooga 111 is a barrel-strength whisky from Chattanooga Whiskey in Tennessee, boasting an ABV of 55.5%.

Aged for at least two years, this malt-heavy whiskey offers a great drinking experience. It has a medium mouthfeel with a slight heat, complemented by sweet cream, oak and cocoa. The rich oak structure provides plenty of bold flavors, such as orange marmalade and hints of pepper. Praline also comes through for additional sweetness.

Chattanooga 111 is available from any major retailer for about $50, a great price for such a complex-high-octane whiskey.

Evan Williams 1783

Budget Bourbon

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Evan Williams 1783 has been part of the brand’s lineup for years, and it still goes underlooked. Recently, Heaven Hill unveiled a redesigned bottle to modernize the classic.

The 45%-ABV whisky features a medium mouthfeel and flavors of toffee and honey, with slight notes of bread and pepper. All in all, this excellent mid-shelf whiskey is perfect for sipping neat, on the rocks or in cocktails.

Evan Williams 1783 can be found online or at a local liquor retailer for around $20.

Russell’s Reserve 10 Year

Budget Bourbon

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Russell’s Reserve 10 Year from Wild Turkey’s Russell’s line brings malty sweetness and hints of vanilla and light cinnamon on the nose.

On the palate, it delivers a lightly hot flavor, with pronounced notes of cinnamon and a mild hint of vanilla. At 45% ABV, this is a bourbon that packs plenty of punch.

Russel’s Reserve is available everywhere and can be picked up for around $40.

Bulleit Barrel Strength

Budget Bourbon

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Bulleit Barrel Strength is an uncut and unfiltered whiskey straight from the barrel, with a proof that varies by the batch but tends to fall between 120 and 125.

It has a medium-to-thick mouthfeel, delivering sweet honey and toffee notes with hints of caramel. Thanks to its well-proofed nature, it rests nicely on the palate and brings a depth of flavor thanks to brown sugar and clove.

Bulleit can be found anywhere spirits are sold, and this Barrel Strength bottling retails for $50.

Pursuit United Bourbon

Budget Bourbon

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Pursuit United Bourbon is a blend of whiskey distilled in Kentucky, Tennessee and New York State. It was created by Kenny Coleman and Ryan Cecil at Pursuit Spirits to highlight the power of blending and delivers bold, distinctive flavors.

On the palate, it has a medium mouthfeel with a faint hint of graininess. A bouquet of vanilla beans, waffle cone, toasted marshmallow and some mild fruitiness follow, and a a strong oak structure that adds depth to the mix.

Pursuit United Bourbon can be found online for $65.

Starlight Bottled in Bond

Budget Bourbon

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Starlight Bottled in Bond Bourbon is a straight bourbon whiskey distilled by the Huber family at their small-batch distillery in Indiana.

While many American whiskey producers use sour mash fermentation, the Hubers opt for sweet mash and oversee every step of production from grain to bottle. This specific release was chosen by Blake Huber and is 4.5 years old and bottled at 50% ABV.

You can taste toffee sweetness on the palate with hints of coffee and praline. The flavor profile makes it particularly toffee-forward, but subtle notes of coffee add depth and interest. The palate has a moderate viscosity and the proof level is well-balanced.

You can purchase Starlight Bottled in Bond Bourbon from the distillery’s website for $75.

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