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6 Best Single Barrel Whiskeys to Drink in 2023

Single barrel whiskey is a run of whiskey whose bottles all came from a single aging barrel. Unlike other whiskeys, which may be composed of multiple batches or even different-aged whiskeys, single barrel whiskey preserves the nuances of its individual barrel’s personality by leaving it untampered with.

Traditionally, each single-barrel bottling is labeled with the number of the cask it came from and its age, allowing consumers to trace the origins of their dram and savor the subtle flavors that were cultivated while it rested in solitude. With each cask offering its own distinct character, single barrel whiskey is truly a special beverage worthy of celebration, and it’s fun to track down single barrel bottlings, as you can be sure they’ll each be unique.

In this article, we’re going to list our favorite single barrel whiskeys to try in 2023.

Evan Williams Single Barrel Bourbon

Single Barrel Whiskey

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The Evan Williams Single Barrel from Heaven Hill is a true gem. At 43.3% ABV and seven years of age, its thin to medium palate delivers tasting notes of brown sugar, nougat, light honey, and subtle touches of toffee and tobacco. Subtle fruit notes of raspberry come in for the finish.

Whiskey Raiders spirits critic Jay West proclaimed this to be a “delicious single barrel” in his review with much more complexity than expected for the price. This bottle can be found online and from most liquor stores for a suggested retail price of $27.

Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon (and Rye!)

Single Barrel Whiskey

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Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon is a thick and rich spirit, boasting a bold 55% ABV. Its flavor is sweet and robust, evoking notes of vanilla, caramel, pepper and oak. While this bourbon has intense sweetness up front, its heat is surprisingly overwhelming on the palate.

Despite the boldness of this spirit, we still recommend it for those looking for a hot bourbon with a delicious payoff. Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel can be found online or at a local liquor store for around $60-$70.

If rye is more up your alley than bourbon, Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Rye is a great option as well and can be found for around the same price as the bourbon.

Knob Creek 9 Year Single Barrel Reserve 9 Year Bourbon

Single Barrel Whiskey

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Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve is an impressive and complex bourbon. This spirit has a 9-year age statement and a hefty proof of 120, boasting thick and rich notes of fudge, caramel, waffle cone and peanut brittle on the palate. Despite the expected heat of such a high-proof bourbon, it is incredibly balanced from start to finish.

Knob Creek 9 Year Single Barrel Bourbon is available basically everywhere for less than $60.

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Barrel Proof

Single Barrel Whiskey

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Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Barrel Proof is a single-barrel Tennessee whiskey that is bottled at barrel proof. The flavor experience has been pleasantly surprising, with hot but thick and rich notes of honey, caramel, bananas foster, honey-roasted peanuts, oak and subtle tannic dryness.

This whiskey is sweet yet less dessert-forward than some past offerings from Jack Daniel’s. This is the perfect combination of banana bomb and caramel with an oaky finish. Jack Daniels’ quality is improving by the release, and this an enjoyable and consistent product that will leave any whiskey drinker satisfied.

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Barrel Proof is available everywhere Jack Daniel’s is sold for $40.

Baker’s 7 Year Single Barrel Bourbon

Single Barrel Whiskey

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The re-released Baker’s 7 Year Single Barrel from Beam is a welcomed change with its new packaging and an ABV of 53.5%. With eaach barrel aged at least seven years, you can expect a medium to thick mouthfeel and well-behaved heat that reveals complex flavors like toffee, oak, pepper, graham cracker and nuttiness.

Each element comes together in this whiskey, creating an enjoyable drinking experience for any whiskey aficionado looking for something special.

Baker’s 7 Year is available online and at liquor stores for $60.

Colonel EH Taylor Single Barrel

Single Barrel Whiskey

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Colonel E.H. Taylor Single Barrel brings to the table a vanilla and buttery nougat flavor with subtle spice notes, all bottled in bond at 50% ABV. With no real barrel information given, this is a really good dram even if it isn’t overly complex.

Unfortunately, it is hard to come by and expensive, so if you’re looking for something new to sample you may want to look elsewhere — but definitely keep this one on your radar. This bottle can run anywhere from just under $200 to $300 and beyond. If you ever happen to come across this whiskey at its suggested retail price of $60, snatch it up.

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