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‘Spirit of the Desert’: Diageo Expands Distribution of Godawan Single Malt Beyond India


After explaining the concept of Godawan whisky and its purposeful luxury at the 75th Cannes Film Festival 2022, the expession dubbed the “Spirit of the Desert” now makes its way to another iconic desert destination – Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

As the world’s first luxury single malt whisky from Rajasthan, India, Godawan has been gaining much attention since its debut earlier this year. Now, Diageo India is set to introduce this outstanding whisky to international markets with the unveiling of Godawan in Dubai. After the successful launch of Godawan in Jaipur, India, Diageo looks to bring Rajasthani tradition and culture to the world with this unique whisky.

The brand pays homage to the people of Rajasthan, who are known for their ability to make beautiful and long-lasting products from limited resources. Godawan is committed to sustainability and supporting the local economy. In a prepared statement, the brand said it produces high-quality items that are both beautiful and durable.

“We, at Diageo India, believe consumers, culture and community lie at the heart of our innovation. Godawan will help the world and our consumers discover an aspect of Indian culture hitherto unknown – rich and meaningful. This Single Malt is representative of what sustainable, mindful, purposeful modern Indian luxury looks like and Dubai is the right stage to take this story to the rest of the world. Godawan is not just rich in its story, but also in its distinct flavors. With this launch, I truly believe that Diageo India has set a new standard for single malts coming out of India>,” said Hina Nagarajan, CEO of Diageo India.

Temperatures in the area surpassing 100 F and the use of six-row barley, which requires lesser water, helps create a whisky with an “incredible depth of flavor, and a rich and complex character,” according to the brand. This also means the “Angel’s share” is higher than average in Godawan. The whisky is further enhanced by a finish in special casks selectively curated with Indian botanicals.

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