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Benriach Announces Older, Rarer Limited Edition Bottlings

Benriach, owned by distiller conglomerate Brown-Forman, released today their plans for three new, well aged bottlings to soon greet consumers on shelves the world over. Having just wrapped a successful and ambitious redesign campaign, these extra aged releases will help tell the story of Benriach’s new look.

Comprised of a 21yr old expression known as Benriach Twenty One, a 25yr expression by the name of Benriach Twenty Five and an audacious Benriach Thirty, the new line is squarely aimed at connoisseurs and high end consumers with a taste for age.

“It’s a real honor to be able to offer our fans an opportunity to experience the diversity and versatility of Benriach’s orchard fruit-laden style, elevated by a longer maturation time,” said Rachel Barrie, Benriach Master Blender.  Not only influenced by their hefty age statements, each release boasts a variety of maturations encompassing bourbon casks, virgin oak casks, Sherry wine casks, Madeira wine casks, red wine casks or Port wine casks.

Benriach’s Twenty One, Twenty Five and Thirty are all bottled at 46% ABV and carry a MSRP of $199, $359 and $739.

The distillery eludes to the opening of their first official visitor center later this year.

Whiskey Raiders will cover these releases and their reviews when they officially become available. In the mean time, catch up on past Benriach expressions in our Review Archive.

Images courtesy of Benriach Single Malt

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