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Diageo’s Legends Untold 2021 Collection Includes 26-Year-old Lagavulin

Diageo announced Thursday the Legends Untold release, the latest iteration of the company’s annual Special Releases Single Malt Scotch Whisky Collection.

According to Diageo’s Malts.com website, Master Blender Craig Wilson “roved free through unparalleled stocks and set his imagination free.” Each of the whiskies included in the collection, Diageo says, expresses “an individual character, inspired by the mythical creatures that inhabit the lands around each distillery.

The collection comprises the following eight bottles of single malt scotch whisky:

  • A 26-year Lagavulin
  • A 12-year Lagavulin
  • A 19-year Singleton
  • A 14-year Cardhu
  • a 13-year Mortlach
  • An eight-year Talisker
  • A 12-year Oban
  • A 16-year Royal Lochnagar

Each bottle references a different mythical creature: The Mortlach Moonlit Beast, the Talisker Rogue Seafury, the Singleton Siren, the Royal Lochnagar Spring Stallion, the Cardhu Secret Blossoms of Black Rock, the Oban Twin Foxes and the dual Lagavulin Lions.

“It’s an exciting time as we’re starting to push the boundaries of what we can really achieve with flavour, whether that be from the way the spirit was made, or from the unique cask finish used, and what we’ve achieved with this year’s collection is just the very beginning,” Wilson wrote. “From reimagining several classic distilleries flavour profiles, we’ve embraced the direct contrast that exists between highlighting a particular aspect of a whisky’s flavour profile and the unexpected.”

This isn’t the only recent whisky release inspired by mythical creatures. Spiritfilled recently announced a “Mythical Beasts” line of whiskies, the first of which is devoted to the Qilin, a hooved chimerical creature from Chinese mythology.

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