The Glenturret and Lalique Release Limited Edition Decanter
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The Glenturret and Lalique’s Eight Decades Decanter is a $100,000 Homage to Artist and Scotch Aficionado James Turrell

The Glenturret

The Glenturret, Lalique, and James Turrell’s limited edition decanter. (Photos: The Glenturret)

The Glenturret and French glassmaker Lalique unveiled Eight Decades, a limited edition decanter meant to celebrate the American artist James Turrell’s 80th birthday. The decanter was presented Tuesday at the Burlington Arcade in London with 80 pieces available worldwide set to sell for £80,000 (about $100,000).

Turrell is known for his Skyspaces, structures that focus on the relationship between light and space, according to Architectural Digest. This is his third collaboration with Lalique after previously working with the glass producer on perfume bottles. A single malt enthusiast, this is Turrell’s first time working on a whisky decanter.

One of James Turrell’s many works.

“I love a single malt whisky. I described the whisky my father enjoyed as inspiration for the team at The Glenturret: my father’s description of civilization was a fine whisky and a good cigar. There is also the idea to relate the decanter to the work in crystal I have previously completed with Silvio and Lalique,” Turrell said in a news release.

The Glenturret is credited as Scottland’s oldest working distillery and has been crafting single malt whisky since its inception in 1763. After multiple conversations with Turrell, Master Blender Bob Dalgarno drew whisky from eight casks with dates that ranged from 1987 through 1998. The casks were meant to represent different facets of the eight decades in Turrell’s life. The resulting whisky is said to have dark fruity aromas intermingled with chocolate-covered citrus, ginger cake, and honeycomb on the finish.

“It is a proud moment for us to be working with James Turrell – a lot of hard work and emotions have gone into designing and creating this decanter. The Eight Decades Decanter encapsulates The Glenturret’s very essence: an understated aesthetic, crafted by many talented hands who are all custodians of the skills required to create such a beautiful decanter and liquid,” expressed John Laurie, the managing director of The Glenturret.

Lalique holds a history of its own. It was founded in 1888 by artist René Lalique. Since its inception, Lalique has collaborated with many artists, designers and other luxury brands. The brand’s manufacturing site is based in the Alsace region of France and it took many iterations before the final decanter was realized. The bottle’s shape and crystal stopper was inspired by the pyramids of Egypt, where light was used for ceremonies.

The Glendronach and Lalique

Artisans at Lalique are pictured working on the decanter.

“The design of Eight Decades is a departure from more traditional whisky bottles and an homage to the artist as it commemorates his eightieth birthday — we feel it is a piece of art just as much as it is a whisky decanter holding a delicious liquid,” Laurie concluded.

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