'Sweeter, Smoother': Johnnie Walker Blonde Scotch Launches
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World’s Most Popular Scotch Brand Takes Aim at a Wider Audience With Global Launch of ‘Sweeter, Smoother’ Johnnie Walker Blonde

Johnnie Walker Blonde

Johnnie Walker Blonde is Johnnie Walker’s attempt at appealing to a wider audience. (Photo: Johnnie Walker)

Diageo-owned Johnnie Walker, the world’s most popular brand of scotch whisky, has announced the global launch of Johnnie Walker Blonde, a whisky whose lightness and sweetness is intended to make it “more accessible.”

“Johnnie Walker Blonde is one of the most versatile whiskies that our small team of expert whisky makers has ever made,” Diageo whisky maker George Harper said, according to The Spirits Business.

Johnnie Walker Blonde is a blend of whiskies from Cameronbridge and Cardhu, which have been matured in American oak to mix sweet toffee and caramel notes with fresh fruit flavors, according to the brand.

“This has allowed us to push the brightness and vibrancy of this Scotch further than ever before,” Harper said.

Johnnie Walker Blonde was introduced in 2021 to select markets in Brazil, Mexico, the U.S., Bulgaria, Germany and Thailand.

“In bars all around the world, we’ve noticed a shift – a change in who’s ordering whisky, and how they’re drinking it.” said Tim Philips-Johansson, bartender and Johnnie Walker global brand ambassador.
“Johnnie Walker has led this change in Scotch for years, and Johnnie Walker Blonde takes what people can do with Scotch one step forward. The versatility and the vibrancy of this whisky is what I’m most excited about.”

Johnnie Walker Blonde Tasting Notes, Via the Brand

Nose: Bright berries and toffee

Taste: Sweet vanilla and apple, drizzled with caramel

Finish: Smooth and light

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