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Aberlour 12 Year Double Cask

  • Distiller:


  • Bottler:


  • ABV:


  • Age:

    12 Years

  • Price:
  • Raided Score: 89
  • Publication: WhiskyCast
  • Excerpt: The finish is lingering and fruity with a soft touch of cinnamon and chocolate. Very nice.
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  • Raided Score: 86
  • Publication: Distiller
  • Excerpt: Some dark chocolate and cinnamon appear and chewy oak tannins arrive fashionably late to the party.
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  • Raided Score: 91
  • Publication: Drinkhacker
  • Excerpt: Really on fire at this blend of sherry and bourbon oak — proof that whisky needn’t be aged to the hilt in order to be masterful and delicious.
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  • Raided Score: 97
  • Publication: Wine Enthusiast
  • Excerpt: It's powerful, with a thick, buttery feel and a long finish of lip-smacking spice cake and sea brine notes.
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  • Raided Score: 84
  • Publication: whiskyfun
  • Excerpt: Really very fine, not unlike a civilized, gentler A’bunadh. And it’s not expensive at all!
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  • Raided Score: 88
  • Publication: Whiskey Raiders
  • Excerpt:  I want to love it, but I’m not feeling like I’m getting a whole lot for the money.
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  • Raided Score: 87
  • Publication: Whiskey Advocate
  • Excerpt: It offers a nose redolent of Christmas pudding: figs, sultanas, orange, honey, and cream.
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  • Intro:

    This is a chill-filtered release from Aberlour that is 12 years old. Its time in barrels is split between ex-bourbon and ex-sherry.

  • Nose:

    Sherry and grapes. Some cherry, some plum, some light floral honey mixed with raspberries. Sweet and inviting. No ethanol whatsoever.

  • Taste:

    Very light and fruity, almost a little syrupy, but not too bad. Lots and lots of red fruits here, primarily raspberries and then some sherry notes. Overall, it's thin but not offensive. There's not a lot here, but what is present is very light.

  • Finish:

    Not terribly long, but once again it's pretty delicate. There's a little oak, but it's mostly fruit again on the way out. Almost no alcohol, either, but since it's only 80 proof, this makes sense.

  • Overall:

    I like this. I want to love it, but I'm not feeling like I'm getting a whole lot for the money. Going for almost $60 here, I'd rather throw in an extra $10 for the NCF or $20 for the Abunadh. It's not bad, but it's nothing to go bonkers about.

  • Score:


  • By t8ke
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