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Angel’s Envy Cask Strength 2022

  • Distiller:

    Angels Envy

  • Bottler:

    Angels Envy

  • ABV:


  • Age:


  • Price:
  • Intro:

    Distilled in Kentucky and bottled by Angel's Envy, this is the 2022 release of the brand's ultra limited annual release. It's bottled without an age statement, and the finish is stated to be at least 9 months in port wine casks. It's bottled at 59.9% ABV and

  • Nose:

    Buttery and nutty, this release has a great peanut brittle note on the nose before the sweetness of the wine rolls in. Red berries, cherry cordials and toffee combine for an enticing nose.

  • Taste:

    Medium to rich palate, a good deal of honey, apricot, red berries, orange peel and sweet cream. Reminds me distinctly of a Red Vine licorice stick, in a good way. Dry and oaky on the back palate, the viscosity is satisfying and the ABV is just right, bringing plenty of texture and mouthfeel without a fiery ethanol prickle.

  • Finish:

    Long finish, the peanut brittle and cocoa notes return once more, with some cherry and tobacco.

  • Overall:

    Overall, this release is quite something, and feels like a great execution of their recent single barrel program. With a touch more oak and a bit of additional complexity, this is easy to enjoy, despite the trouble it will no doubt be to find.

  • Score:


  • By t8ke
  • Disclosure: The producer provided this sample to review free of charge, and without expectation of review or rating.

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