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Belle Meade Hardpour Corn V2

  • Distiller:


  • Bottler:

    Nelsons Greenbrier

  • ABV:


  • Age:


  • Price:
  • Intro:

    This is a group pick Belle Meade bottling. It is bottled at cask strength and the base is sourced from MGP in Indiana.

  • Nose:

    Really prominent corn here. Toffee, peanut brittle, loaded with caramel. All sweet, no substantial oak presence here and its also pretty dormant on the pepper / tobacco front. This nose is really reminding me of a well aged Knob Creek Single Barrel store pick, but almost even a hair sweeter.

  • Taste:

    Thick, rich mouthfeel. For the proof, the heat is mysteriously absent but the viscosity is bonkers. Sweet caramel, kettle corn, faintly funky in that MGP cocoa / oak / tobacco way. Really compliments well. The richness is really surprising.

  • Finish:

    Long, mild heat but still impressively rich. Lots of caramel, kettle corn and some nice cocoa as well.

  • Overall:

    Overall, I've generally found that Belle Meade picks are average to good. This was phenomenal. The richness and depth of flavors was really something. It was sweet and savory without being a bitter oak bomb and really jived with me. Digging the name, too.

  • Score:


  • By t8ke
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