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Bruichladdich HB 27yr 1990

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  • Age:

    27 Years

  • Intro:

    "Distilled by an earlier generation of Bruichladdich stillmen, this unpeated Bruichladdich spirit lay untouched in our loch-side warehouses for 17 short years before Jim had a vision for its future. In a risky turn, he transferred this already precious spirit into the finest French oak casks from Bordeaux of the very highest provenance. This final decade in Bordeaux wine casks brings structure, balance and layers of complexity to an otherwise simplistic dram. Just 12,000 bottles of the Bruichladdich HB’90 are available exclusively through Global Travel Retail. Each is individually numbered and bottled at a cask strength of 49.5% alc. Vol." - Bruichladdich

  • Nose:

    Sweet honey, toasted almonds. Sweet wine and figs. Light anise. Lots of fresh baked bread, light musty tobacco. Raspberry, currant, well integrated oak presence.

  • Taste:

    Thick and rich. No heat. Sweet honey, caramel, nutty sweetness. Red wine is abundant here - loads of cocoa, currant, blackberry, musty tobacco. Light sulfur, rich anise.

  • Finish:

    Long, rich and powerful. Great tannic structure here that strings along blackberry, currants, anise, honey, pipe tobacco, a fun strawberry note and a load of laddy brine.

  • Overall:

    This is a really great dram - loaded with complexity and some unique looks at Laddie spirit - notably a lack of their lactic funk. Im ok with this. Really well integrated and a load of fun to drink.

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