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Bruichladdich Octomore 10.2

  • Distiller:


  • Bottler:


  • ABV:


  • Age:

    8 Years

  • Price:
  • Raided Score: 91
  • Publication: Distiller
  • Excerpt: Hints of leather and rubber, as well as iodine. The strong and powerful spirit really does work well with (fortified) wine maturation.
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  • Raided Score: 90
  • Publication: Whisky Advocate
  • Excerpt: The palate is oily and relatively mellow, with pineapple enveloped in rich, spicy peat smoke. Quite long in the finish, with Jaffa oranges, pepper, and chili.
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  • Raided Score: 91
  • Publication: WhiskyCast
  • Excerpt: The finish is long and smooth with a good smokiness and hints of spice.
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  • Raided Score: 88
  • Publication: Whisky Monster
  • Excerpt: Lingering with oak spice, toasted oak, sweet smoke, honey, with a crisp character.
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  • Raided Score: 95
  • Publication: Whiskey Raiders
  • Excerpt: Long peaty finish, burning wood, faint iodine, big boisterous brine notes. Sweet and savory bundled expertly
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  • Intro:

    Distilled by Bruichladdich and aged for 8 years, this travel retail (international) only bottling of Octomore comes to us with the 10.2 designation, as well as a limited edition labeling. Bottled at cask strength after maturation in Sauternes wine casks, with no coloring or filtering.

  • Nose:

    Powerful honey, clove, sweet caramel and extracted sugars. Brine and pepper before a big hit of vegetal and ashy peat

  • Taste:

    Rich and syrupy on the palate. Incredibly syrupy, and loaded with character and flavor. Apples, stewed fruit, honey, praline, pecan pie and ashy, coastal air.

  • Finish:

    Long peaty finish, burning wood, faint iodine, big boisterous brine notes. Sweet and savory bundled expertly

  • Overall:

    Absolutely lovely. A favorite since 8.2. Dessert wine and that aggressive peat profile work so wonderfully together and Bruichladdich has once

  • Score:


  • By t8ke
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