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Bushmills Prohibition Recipe Irish Whiskey Peaky Blinders Limited Edition

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  • Intro:

    This famed and anticipated release combines two incredibly well-known things: Bushmills Irish Whiskey and the recent explosion that is "Peaky Blinders." By order of the Shelby Company, this release is matured in bourbon casks, bottled at 46% ABV and features no chill filtering. There isn't a ton beyond that, but this release has been in the making for some time. These days, film, television and celebrity whiskeys aren't particularly rare, but it's rare when they offer some notable upsides from a brand's most basic offering. Let's dive in and see if Thomas Shelby can make anything happen for this whiskey.

  • Nose:

    Sweet, creamy and nutty on the nose. Tons of vanilla, toasted almond, peach rings and a slight dash of honey, pepper and bitters.

  • Taste:

    Moderate mouthfeel. There's some body here I wasn't particularly expecting. Sweet butter cream, tons of honey, creamy vanilla bean, a touch of citrus and peaches and just a dash of pepper.

  • Finish:

    The finish is extremely quick. It's clean and dare I say smooth, but it doesn't hold on with any sort of intensity. Creamy sweetness, pears and peaches, a bit of almond and some pepper see it off quickly. It's sort of disappointing - I was enjoying the palate, but such is life.

  • Overall:

    Overall, this is a completely competent, aggressively priced Irish whiskey, no matter whose name is on it. Easy drinking and entirely pleasant, this is also worth a try in a cocktail and it has plenty of pleasant qualities to serve as an easy sipper, or a gateway for someone with a love of "Peaky" to make their way into the whiskey world.

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  • By t8ke
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