Caol Ila 33yr Old Particular 1984 KL Exclusive Single Cask Review | Whiskey Raiders
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Caol Ila 33yr Old Particular 1984 KL Exclusive Single CaskLead post image

Caol Ila 33yr Old Particular 1984 KL Exclusive Single Cask

  • Distiller:

    Caol Ila

  • Bottler:

    Douglas Laing

  • ABV:


  • Age:

    33 Years

  • Intro:

    This was a mystery sample sent to me by /u/ethanized. I tasted it, took notes, and then messaged them to him for reveal. I got a little caught up in trying to guess and forgot to think of a 1-10 score, so for these I decided to simplify things into one of five categories:

  • Nose:

    Sweet vanilla, lemon bar. Rich buttery vanilla butter cream. Faint salinity, some rich smoldering peat. This is going to be good.

  • Taste:

    Medium thickness, vanilla is prominent with sweet lemon lime dessert bar notes here also. Very nice butter cream - overall its really rich and sweet. Earthy peat with some ashiness and some savory salinity.

  • Finish:

    Medium to long. Sweet pear - almost some calvados notes. Rich and sweet creaminess with vanilla and sugar. Woody ashy peat sneaks in with lots of nice minerality as well.

  • Overall:

    This dram is scotch. This dram is loaded with sweet buttercream, with lots of ashy and faintly peppery peat. This dram seems like a pretty standard Compass Box peat profile to me but it could easily be Springbank/Longrow as well. Overall, its not super vegetal which rules out ye olde Laphroaig. My notes say it is: "v good, v complex" since I guess I'm speaking like the hip kids again. I really liked this a lot.

  • Score:


  • By t8ke
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