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Elijah Craig 12yr Barrel Proof Batch C918

  • Distiller:

    Heaven Hill

  • Bottler:

    Heaven Hill

  • ABV:


  • Age:

    12 Years

  • Price:
  • Raided Score: 90
  • Publication: Distiller
  • Excerpt: A dry finish of wood tannins and leather. Add some water to sprinkle some salt on those butter flavors.
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  • Raided Score: 92
  • Publication: WhiskyCast
  • Excerpt: The spices fade slowly to a mouth-watering juicy finish with sweet notes of honey, caramel, and a hint of apple pie. Excellent!
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  • Raided Score: 77
  • Publication: The Whiskey Jug
  • Excerpt: It’s like they took all the barrels from the top of the warehouse that were aged for at least 12 years and put them in this batch.
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  • Raided Score: 96
  • Publication: The Whiskey Wash
  • Excerpt: This is a high-proof offering that nearly any whiskey drinker could enjoy. Barrel proof whiskies are admittedly not for everyone, but Elijah Craig Barrel Proof could be a great way to introduce somebody curious into the category of cask strength whiskey.
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  • Raided Score: 88
  • Publication: Whiskey Consensus
  • Excerpt: While overall it does not quite reach the level of the batch before it C918 is still exquisite bourbon that I have personally buy any chance I get and recommend to anyone smart, or foolish, enough to talk to me.
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  • Raided Score: 91
  • Publication: Drinkhacker
  • Excerpt: The finish sees virtually no fruit, no sweetness at all — it’s a savory monster from start to finish, powerful with its frontier flavor profile but simultaneously modern in the way it’s constructed.
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