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Glenmorangie BacaltaLead post image

Glenmorangie Bacalta

  • Distiller:


  • Bottler:


  • ABV:


  • Age:


  • Price:
  • Raided Score: 82
  • Publication: whiskyfun
  • Excerpt: Not as sweet as I had expected. I used to rather not like the older Glenmos ‘Madeira Wood Finish’ but I’m finding this one very okay.
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  • Raided Score: 90
  • Publication: Distiller
  • Excerpt: The finish is smooth and easy, with canned fruit syrup, hints of citrus zest, pepper, and spice, along with oak and dark chocolate, and finally warming menthol undertones.
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  • Raided Score: 91
  • Publication: Whisky Advocate
  • Excerpt: A predominantly sweet and fruity whisky, with caramel, honeyed almonds, peaches in syrup, and orange scone. Soft, soothing finish. Delicious!
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  • Raided Score: 94
  • Publication: WhiskyCast
  • Excerpt: The finish is long and syrupy-thick with subtle citrus and orchard fruits. Excellent!
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  • Raided Score: 96
  • Publication: Drinkhacker
  • Excerpt: Black pepper lingers on the rounded and exotic, perfumed finish. All in all, it’s a hard whisky to put down.
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  • Raided Score: 88
  • Publication: Whiskey Raiders
  • Excerpt: There was nothing bad about this dram, but there was nothing super compelling, either.
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  • Intro:

    This is a limited edition expression from Glenmorangie that features the spirit being finished in Madeira casks.

  • Nose:

    Honey, fresh baked bread. Vanilla bean, toasted almonds. Jammy fruits like currant, blackberry and raspberry.

  • Taste:

    Sweet vanilla, toffee, cream and pepper. Clove, baking spice. Light bitterness. Faint jammy fruits, but not nearly as present as the nose would have suggest. Thin to medium mouth feel. Very little heat.

  • Finish:

    Short, Lots of fig, vanilla, buttercream. Light toasted almond. Not a lot going on here.

  • Overall:

    Enjoyable enough but it seems to suffer from the same weakness as many other Glenmorangies: solid enough nose / palate but a totally weak and unremarkable finish. There was nothing bad about this dram, but there was nothing super compelling, either.

  • Score:


  • By t8ke
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