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Heart of Mystic Single Barrel Bourbon #20Lead post image

Heart of Mystic Single Barrel Bourbon #20

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    This is a review of a sample I did blind, poured courtesty of a friend. I took down my notes, and he revealed what I had been drinking to me after wards. This is a stock image.

  • Nose:

    Fruity, jammy. Caramel, pepper, some melon and pineapple perhaps.

  • Taste:

    Young, hot, grain forward. So hot. Musty green, it’s young crafty. Musty grains, cardboard, lactic.

  • Finish:

    Short but powerful and hot, and this is where the youth is most evident.

  • Overall:

    Not a fan at all. This is what I am guessing to be a young American craft product, probably around 2-3 years, maybe bourbon mash, 45V. This was revealed to me to be a single barrel, barrel proof bottling of spirit distilled at Mystic Distillery in Durham, North Carolina. Bottled without an age statement, but at barrel proof with no filtering, this is the kinda stuff I like to see craft distilleries doing. That said, this is entirely too young. I'd pass for now.

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