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Laphroaig Quarter Cask

  • Distiller:


  • Bottler:


  • ABV:


  • Age:


  • Price:
  • Raided Score: 88
  • Publication: WhiskyCast
  • Excerpt: The finish has notes of wood smoke and peat, with a hint of grassiness as the smokiness fades.
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  • Raided Score: 87
  • Publication: Distiller
  • Excerpt: This finishes dry and almost scratches your throat on the way down. Upon exhalation, the peat smoke is what remains.
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  • Raided Score: 84
  • Publication: whiskyfun
  • Excerpt: Didn’t it become spicier and oakier over time? Nah, I think it’s very good Laphroaig despite the oak that’s just a little too obvious for me.
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  • Raided Score: 91
  • Publication: Drinkhacker
  • Excerpt: It’s not a gentle Scotch, but it’s more complicated than 10 Year, finishing with an interesting citrusy sweetness that makes you keep going back.
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  • Raided Score: 82
  • Publication: Whisky Monster
  • Excerpt: For the ones who like the balance between peat and vanilla, but a harsh palate this can be the one. I believe Laphroaig Quarter Cask is a decent young Islay whisky, however when the pricing is compared to regular Laphroaig 10 year old, it might change your mind easily.
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  • Raided Score: 90
  • Publication: Whiskey Raiders
  • Excerpt: It's rougher and less refined but also manages to deliver some enjoyable notes.
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  • Raided Score: 91
  • Publication: Whiskey Advocate
  • Excerpt: The whisky begins sweet and creamy, with notes of vanilla, honey, and ripe malt (reminiscent of a malting floor).
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  • Intro:

    Laphroaig is a Beam/Suntory scotch distillery in the Islay region of scotch. Known for several core age stated products, they also specialize in funky one-offs that make little sense and generally carry no age statements.

  • Nose:

    PLASTIC. Burning plastic, tires, homes, dreams...etc. Theres intense rubber and peaty boggy notes. Egad.

  • Taste:

    Intense but rich mouthfeel. Theres a lot of sweet here but its also brash and powerful. Peat, smoke, vanilla, lemon custard, plastic, you name it.

  • Finish:

    Its medium and relentless on the plastic notes. Theres some vanilla that comes out with a little orange sweetness at the end along with brine, vanilla cream and some lemon notes.

  • Overall:

    Brash, young and powerful, Quarter Cask lives up to its name. Its rougher and less refined but also manages to deliver some enjoyable notes.

  • Score:


  • By t8ke
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