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Milk and Honey 2yr Single Cask Nation 2017 Jamaican Rum Barrel #0185

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  • Distiller:

    MIlk and Honey

  • Bottler:

    Single Cask Nation

  • ABV:


  • Age:

    2 Years

  • Price:
  • Intro:

    This is an interesting bottling - featuring distillate from Milk and Honey Distillery in Israel. This is two years old and matured in a first fill Jamaican rum cask. Bottled at cask strength with no coloring or filtering, let's give it a go.

  • Nose:

    Ethanol, buttered biscuits, light and bready. Not a ton of character. Nice waxy fruits. This reminds me of a bonkers young Clynelish or Glenturret.

  • Taste:

    Thick mouth feel - prominent syrupy component. Lordie, though, it’s hot. Powerful but oh so hot. Honey, toffee, plum, light molasses, sour apple, rotting pear, musty fruit. Faint waxy varnish note, lots of ethanol.

  • Finish:

    Long, but hot and musty. Apples, pears, faint musty fig. Waxy fruit continues, much like Dole fruit syrup. That said, it’s bonkers hot.

  • Overall:

    The potential is there. This has the stuff it takes to be super good, but it needs more time. The only flaw I can indict is the punishing heat, and that can be solved with time. Move my mark from the doubter column to “watching with great interest."

  • Score:


  • By t8ke
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