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Old Fitzgerald Bottled in Bond – 1973 Stitzel Weller

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  • Distiller:


  • Bottler:

    Buffalo Trace

  • ABV:


  • Age:


  • Raided Score: 91
  • Publication: Whiskey Raiders
  • Excerpt: The nose is borderline transcendent - easily the best part of enjoying this whiskey.
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  • Nose:

    Heavy rich cola. Some cherried and coca. Sweet root beer and vanilla notes with a healtyh helping of some oaky richness. Im hesitant to mutter the words but this does give a nose like a pappy jr (sorry!)

  • Taste:

    Almost no heat to speak of despite the proof. Thick, coating mouthfeel, lots of sweet cola evolving into creamy sweetness. Some clove, cinnamon, desserts like molasses and maple syrup blend in.

  • Finish:

    Medium and growing mildly hot. Still not 100 proof hot but there is some heat here. The finish isnt mammoth but it is rich and keeps all of the same tunes from the palate jammin.

  • Overall:

    Overall, this is an awesome bottle to try. Its indisputably different than anything on the market today but it isnt deserving of insane hype (or dollars). The nose is borderline transcendent - easily the best part of enjoying this whiskey. We probably sat around and sniffed this for a solid 15 minutes before trying and it was well worth it. Its not that the palate and the finish disappoint but they just cant keep the momentum from the nose. It was rich overall and thoroughly enjoyable and as a result, Im going to give this bottle an ambiguous 7/8. Its on the line and I just cant decide. On one hand, its great whiskey. On the other though, its nothing like the hype. I dont feel the need to go buy one on the secondary, especially for what it commands. I especially dont think this can dominate over some other bottles in scotchland. For a $20 bottle, this is as good as it gets. When competing with modern offerings all over the price spectrum, the competition gets fierce.

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  • By t8ke
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