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WhistlePig 10yr Single Barrel Cask Strength Rye Midway Selection

  • Distiller:


  • Bottler:


  • ABV:


  • Age:

    10 Years

  • Price:
  • Intro:

    WhistlePig is a hybrid spirits operation in Vermont that has previously staked its claim on importing rye whiskey from Alberta to age and bottle in Vermont. In the past, I've bumped into some of their single barrel ryes and found them really enjoyable. In recent months, WhistlePig has made a switch to digging up some older MGP rye stock for their 10 year old single barrel barrel proof rye, as well. As a result, I have set out to try 25 WhistlePig single barrel ryes to get a lay of the land. They were arranged, poured and blinded by a generous fellow who loves rye as much (or very plausibly more so) than I do. There are one or two non-WhistlePig ryes in here, also, so the stakes are pretty high. All blind, all in. Welcome to the 2019 Ryenaissance.

  • Nose:

    Rich fresh baked bread, caramel, honey and toffee. Sweet fruits, light melon. Brown sugar. Spices and heavy pepper are vacant on the nose.

  • Taste:

    Medium thickness. Some heat. Brown sugar, honey, caramel. Copper penny. Light pepper, some clove, faint melon fruitiness here. Fresh baked donuts.

  • Finish:

    Short to medium in length. Mild spice, some clove. Lots of vanilla, maple and honey.

  • Overall:

    Sweet and complex. This reminds me of a killer K&L Pick I had a year or two back.

  • Score:


  • By t8ke
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