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WATCH: Tasting With Rabbit Hole’s Kaveh Zamanian

To Kaveh Zamanian, Iranian immigrant turned Psychologist, there is no going back.

After strong encouragement from his wife, he gave up his day job practicing and opened Rabbit Hole Distillery – aptly named for the rabbit hole that is the spirits industry. Once you’re invested, there is no going back.

Courtesy: Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole Distillery occupies a hip corner block in Louisville, Kentucky with architecture that highlights sustainability, visibility and a modern touch. Leveraging the superior flavor of high malt mashbills, despite the great expense, Rabbit Hole currently features four core range bottlings, and an annual Founders Reserve bottling.

Join editor Jay and Kaveh as they sit down, taste through the Rabbit Hole lineup, and catch up about the distillery, the founding, and their new $1,500 bourbon that’s poised to release soon.

Rabbit Hole Distillery remains closed to the public at the time of this writing due to the global COVID pandemic. The distillery is still operating at full capacity from a production standpoint, although Adam – the brand’s Ambassador – mentions that they are looking forward to hosting the public again soon at Overlook, their craft cocktail bar on premise

Here at Whiskey Raiders, we’ve tasted through and reviewed each of the brands bottlings. Check out each of them below.

Courtesy: Rabbit Hole

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