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Whiskey Raiders Guest Tasting #001 Recap: Dan Abrams

One of the best parts of whiskey is getting to drink with friends, family members, coworkers and fellow hobbyists. Here at Whiskey Raiders, we agree. As a result, we’re bringing you live whiskey tastings with folks in the spirits industry, entertaining, sports, and beyond. Guests enjoy a handpicked whiskey sampler and chat life and whiskey with Jay, Whiskey Raiders editor and spirits expert.

Dan Abrams (ABC, LivePD) joins Jay and Whiskey Raiders for their first live tasting. Dan and Jay talk about bourbon history, dominant nostrils, the bottled in bond act and thousand dollar bottles while sipping whiskey. The pair enjoy Old Forester 1920, Wild Turkey Master’s Keep 17yr Bottled in Bond and Chicken Cock Whiskey 15yr Limited Edition (rating coming soon).

Next week, Whiskey Raiders has another guest joining for more whiskey tastings. Stay tuned…

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