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Whiskey Raiders & Kylorae (Rachel Glover) Guest Tasting

If you missed our Instagram Live tasting last night with editor Jay and guest Rachel Glover of Kylorae716 and BuffaloBourbonBabe, then you’re in the right place! Last night, the pair discussed rare whiskey hunting in upstateĀ  New York, Rachel’s history in industry and what she’s up to professionally in the midst of the COVID pandemic.

Encouraged by the inclusivity and welcoming embrace of the whiskey community, Rachel recently decided to start her own whiskey focused instagram to document her journey: BuffaloBourbonBabe.

Rachel and Jay tasted through a flight of Smoke Wagon Rare & Limited Bourbon, as well as Woodford Reserve’s Very Fine Rare Bourbon release.


Outside of the world of whiskey, Rachel is well known in the cosplay universe, especially focused on Star Wars. Padme Amidala is her favorite cosplay persona to embody, and mentioned specifically loving Padme’s foundational role in The Phantom Menace.


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