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Whiskey Tastings

Whiskey Raiders brings the whiskey to you with curated tastings. Enjoy a personalized tasting for clients, customers, team-building and corporate events of any kind, which can be conducted either in-person or virtually. 

During your experience, you’ll be personally and expertly guided by our managing editor & tasting curator, Jay West. You’ll find out what some of our top bottles and best-reviewed offerings taste like for yourself! We personally guarantee that each of the bottles tasted via our packages aren’t easily found on shelves, garner extremely high Whiskey Raiders scores and would require a serious hunt to track down — if they’re available to the public at all. Verified authenticity comes with Jay’s notable experience in the industry.

We are able to customize everything depending on your group’s size and preferences. 

If interested in booking a whiskey tasting or to request more information, please contact [email protected]

We also conduct Tequila, Rum and Gin Tastings. For more info on those, please contact the below:

Tequila: [email protected]

Rum: [email protected]

Gin: [email protected]